“While the King Arthur’s health continues to deteriorate due to an unfathomable disease, his advisors desperately seek the help of the wise ascetics. Lost somewhere in the recesses of Albhain is the Chalice of Life, which they claim could negate any affliction. This is the time, as the elected disciple, to devote all your strength to protect the kingdom!”

Game Information

Heroic Tale VALUE! is an expansion for Heroic Tale, a party-based dungeon crawler released in 2018 (and also my very first project). As such, it follows pretty much the same formula as the original game but includes new monsters, new weapons and spells and a new dungeon to… crawl through!

Even if everything was made with the base project in mind, the dungeon itself plays a bit differently and the levels are slightly larger. The expansion features a new cast of characters (classes) too, something that hopefully will bring a different flavor to the battles.

Your saved data file from Heroic Tale can be carried over to Heroic Tale VALUE! but if this is your first time, worry not: both scenarios are included, so it’s possible to play them (or skip them) independently!

For those more diligent there’s also the new Talari Shop, an option to spend the ingame currency on enhancement items that will carry in-between scenarios or playthroughs.


  • Challenge the new dungeon to recover the lost Chalice of Life.
  • A new set of deadly monsters lurk in the shadows!
  • A new cast of characters that will help you getting through the labyrinths.
  • New randomized loot and treasures, including weapons, armors and spells.
  • The Talari Shop, a new way to further improve your characters.
  • Average Play Time: 1½ Hours (VALUE!) + 45 Minutes ~ 1 Hour (Original)

Gameplay Video