“Flesh is a dark fantasy game where you play as a mage who begins on a path to learn the secrets of necromancy. Journey through the broken world of Alma as you search for the powers locked within the human body.

What sort of mysteries will you uncover?”


Kleinman XOXO/Internet Personality

Game Information

Flesh was my entry for the 2018’s “A Game By Its Cover” held on itch.io. The idea behind this game jam was to pick up a fictional cover made for the “My Famicase Exhibition” hosted by Super Meteor in Japan and turn it into a game/project/anything playable (or not). I got really inspired by the “Flesh” cover and description. So much I decided to contact the original creator, Kleinman XOXO, who wasn’t only extremely nice and answered all my mails, he also wished me luck with the project.

The game can be considered an adventure with some really light RPG touches and “experiments” with certain elements present in a number of NES games, particularly Hydlide, The Legend of Zelda and Megami Tensei.

The player controls the main character, Neux, on a journey through Alma, a monster infested territory in an attempt to stop the siege of the demon race. The game world is semi-open, as objectives can be completed in different orders, and to aid you in the (turn-based) battles you can summon undead versions of the monsters you defeat by using specific items during combat.

Game Features

  • Unravel the secrets buried in the blasted lands and darkest dungeons of the mysterious land of Alma.
  • Dominate your enemies by learning fantastic spells and finding hidden power-ups.
  • Use the remains of defeated monsters to summon their undead counterparts.
  • Get ready to face Valak! He shall be awaiting your arrival…
  • Featuring a fantastic music score taken from Ocean Dream‘s Nostalgia Pack.
  • Average Play Time: 45 Minutes ~ 1 Hour

Instruction booklet concept and wordmark by KLEINMANN XOXO.

Gameplay Video

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Minimum System Requirements